While it’s always nice to have access to the latest technology, many small businesses can fulfil their operations without state of the art machinery. Because of this, second hand machinery is a popular, more economic option for enterprises who do not need all the bells and whistles of a new product. Buying used sheet metal machinery isn’t an overly complicated process, provided you know what to look for and what to ask. In this article, we provide you with a buyers’ toolkit of questions to ask yourself and the seller when inspecting second hand machinery.

sheet metal machinery

  1. Is the seller reputable?

The first thing you need to ask before you even begin looking at machines is whether or not the seller has a good reputation. Ask around and see if anyone in the industry knows them, and check forums like Whirlpool to see if anyone has had a negative experience.

  1. What does it look like?

The first thing you should do when inspecting a machine is to ask yourself what it looks like. Whilst looks aren’t everything in the industrial manufacturing world, they can give you an insight into how well a machine was maintained and how heavily it was used.

  1. How does it run?

If possible, test out all the functions of the machine to ensure it runs properly and performs all the functions it is supposed to.

  1. Where did the machine come from?

Ask the seller where the machine came from originally, and if they don’t have this information, you may be able to get in touch with the manufacturer and request information based on the serial number of the machine.

  1. How much has it been used?

If it turns out that a large company previously owned the machinery, chances are it was being used 24/7 and may not have as much life left in it as a machine owned by a small business.

  1. Does it come with manuals or any other sort of information?

Older machinery requires operation manuals, so enquire as to whether or not these come with the purchase. If not, you may struggle to hunt down the information on your own.

  1. How worn are the working parts?

Take a close look at all of the working parts of the machine and inspect them for wear points or signs of deterioration.

  1. Is there any evidence of repairs or part replacement?

Look closely for any evidence of replaced or repaired parts, as these may be symptomatic of a larger problem with the machine, which may cost you more money in the long run. If machine parts have been repaired or replaced incorrectly, you risk significant performance issues that will limit your productivity.

  1. How does the brand perform?

Research brand of the machine and if possible, the performance history of the particular model you are looking at. This can often tip you off to design flaws, and will provide you with a point of contact if there are any questions the seller is unable to answer.

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