Over the last 42 years, ACRA Machinery has become one of the leading organisations for the distribution, repair and maintenance of press brakes and industrial machinery across Melbourne, Australia. But what exactly is a press brake? What is it used for? How does a brakepress work? These are some questions that should be answered before anything else, so let’s discuss that today.

If you plan on purchasing or repairing a press brake or other industrial machinery within Melbourne, you have come to the right place, we have partnered with large international manufacturing businesses such as Durma to provide you with the highest quality products from our Dandenong warehouse.

Firstly, what is the difference between a press brake and a brakepress? Well, nothing. It is simply a common name mix-up. The industry accurate term is press brake, but it is still common for customers to use brakepress when searching for products.

Okay, now that is out of the way…

What is a press brake?

A press brake is an industrial manufacturing tool that is primarily used to bend sheet metal. Many metals are ‘ductile’, which means they have material integrity that allows them to bend before they break. Think about how a thin metal fork can be bent if you use enough strength. A press brake will do a similar effect at an enormous scale with hundreds, if not thousands of times the pressure, utilising sheer force to bend the metal placed within the press.

There are a variety of different types of press brakes to generate the force required for bending sheet metal – namely hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or mechanical. Videos of hydraulic presses being used to crush heavy and dense objects have been a subject of many viral social media videos over the last several years, as the videos showcase the sheer power and force of the machinery. At ACRA Machinery, we have new and used mechanical, hydraulic and electric press-brakes for sale, for your specific industrial circumstances.

How does a brakepress work?

However, industries don’t simply use pressbrakes for crushing objects for youtube videos, there are a variety of tools that are applied to them that allow for sheet metal to be bent in more customisable shapes. The metal is usually positioned between two parts called a ‘punch’, and a ‘die.’ The press pushes down on the punch, into the metal, positioned above the uniquely shaped die space to allow for different bending jobs to occur. The die is created of a very strong material that can withstand the metal being pushed against it and is formed to match the desired shape of the bent metal. For example, a ‘V- die’, has an inset triangular prism shape and creates a V or edge shape, with the angle of the edge customised depending on the pressure of the punch. Meanwhile a ‘curling die’ forms a curled or coiled edge.

Hydraulic Brakepress

The material capabilities of various metals need to be considered when operating a press brake, more brittle or less ductile metals can not be bent in a sharp-angled die as it may lead to breaking, shattering, or other hazardous situations. The size and shape of the punch and die must also be considered, they must align with the brief requirements to ensure the metal angles at the correct measurements.

Press brake tools

Pressbrakes don’t simply have to be used for bending metals. There are a variety of tools that can be attached to them to change the function, such as piercing, drawing, trimming or forming tools. The function of each of these tools is straightforward based on their respective names. Some of which can be purchased directly from us at ACRA Machinery. If you don’t need an entirely new press brake but are looking for a new or repaired punch and die, ACRA Machinery has got you covered.

As with all industrial machinery, a brake press can be a dangerous piece of equipment if not operated appropriately, therefore it is crucial to have the required training before working with one. If your machine needs repair, get in contact with a professional at ACRA Machinery to perform maintenance to avoid worksite injury and ensure your equipment is running correctly and appropriately.

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