There are lots of things to be aware of when working with heavy metal machinery, such as plasma cutters. How do you ensure you create a high-quality product in an efficient and safe manner? Well, in this week’s blog, we break down the top mistakes to avoid in the plasma cutting process. 

plasma cutter

1) Cutting too fast or too slow 

The first mistake to avoid is cutting too fast or too slow. This can cause your consumables to be quickly used up, more quickly than what is required. It will also create other issues, such as diminishing the quality of the cut. To ensure you produce a high quality cut, make sure to cut at the appropriate speed. 

2) Using consumables until they burn out 

Every consumable has a distinct lifespan. The length of the lifespan will be different depending on which materials are being cut and the cutting technique. To check whether your consumables need to be replaced, look at the evolution of your cut quality; if it has been decreasing, you most likely need new consumables. 

3) Piercing Too Low 

The next mistake to avoid when using a plasma cutter is piercing too low. The distance of the torch and the material can drastically affect the final outcome of the cut. So, make sure to not make the mistake of piercing too low, which causes molten metal to splatter. You can avoid this potential problem by using an automatic torch height control (ATHC). 

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