Sheet metal machinery can be used to create a wide range of products that are useful for an enormous number of applications. So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to actually detail some of those industries that rely on fabricated sheet metal products and what they use them for. We’ll start with the most obvious one – construction.


1.     Construction

The construction industry is vast and encompasses many types of buildings. Whilst one of the obvious uses of fabricated sheet metal would be as a building’s external material – it can also be used for internal purposes. Steel frame buildings, for example, will use steel beams and columns to act as the supports. This type of structure is often favoured for high-rise buildings like apartments, office complexes or even skyscrapers due to the fantastic strength to weight ratio and high durability.

Arguably more crucial, though, are the nuts, bolts, screws and nails that are used in every facet of the construction industry. These are all manufactured from sheet metal and, without them, construction would not be able to be completed.


2.     Automotive

Cars and other automotive vehicles are made up of quite a lot of metal. Steel, stainless steelaluminium and copper are just a few of the frequently used types of metal that go into constructing the car’s frame, doors, engine, internal and external components and even electronics. The malleability and forming properties that a lot of sheet metals have makes them ideal for the automotive industry as the sheets can be shaped in any way required using different die whilst still retaining their characteristics and integrity.


3.     Transport

The public and commercial transport sector have long relied on fabricated sheet metal – just take a look at any bus, tram or train and you’ll instantly notice the metal. Whether it’s the vertical poles aimed to assist those that have trouble walking or the hardware around the seats on the trams – there’s metal everywhere. Trains are widely made from aluminium nowadays due to the light-weight properties that allow it to travel at such high speeds.


4.     Aerospace

There are a variety of different components fabricated from sheet metal that are used in aeroplanes including steel, aluminium and even titanium. Aeroplane wings and fuselages are crafted from a special aluminium alloy that combines the lightness of aluminium with the strength of steel to ensure the plane itself stays together whilst flying but isn’t too heavy to fall out of the sky.

In military applications and large passenger planes, titanium is used in addition to carbon-epoxy composite – which is used to create the fuselage. This carbon fibre composite features similar characteristics to the specialised aluminium alloy – boasting superior strength at a low weight.

Again, aluminium alloys and composites shine brightly when we look at a space shuttle and realise that its exterior hull must endure high-velocity speeds and the accompanying heat that is generated upon exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. The heavier a ship is, the harder it is for it to escape Earth’s gravitational pull and thus aluminium alloys and composites are perfect. Ceramic and titanium alloys are also used to strengthen the hull.


5.     Infrastructure

Whilst tram and train tracks used to be made from wood – they’re now made from stainless steel. Things that you wouldn’t notice much because they’re just a part of everyday life like street signs and traffic lights are all infrastructure that utilise metal. Power cables are made from aluminium alloy strands because they’re strong, light and a good conductor of electricity. Even large bridges use steel for reinforcement. You’d be surprised how much fabricated sheet metal you will encounter out in your local municipal each day.


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