This week, we look at some of the latest innovations in turret punch technology that is enabling sheet metal manufacturing fabricators to provide better delivery and higher quality.

turret punch

Combination tools

A revelation in terms of turret punch productivity, suppliers are beginning to combine different tools in a single machine. Not only is this more cost effective and takes up less space, it also means there is no need to individually index the turret for each tool.



Traditionally a ram was used to both actuate the punch press and pull it away from the metal. Although this was fine from a quality perspective, it increased production time as well as wear on the ram. The introduction of self-stripping punch tools means that the ram only needs to move in one direction (when actuating the punch) as an internal spring is used to retract the punch automatically.


CNC punching technology

CNC punching technology has made an enormous difference in terms of turret punch productivity. The latest CNC innovations have been focused on reducing cycle time and speeding up the machinery but the technology has also been used to simplify sheet metal manufacturing through user friendly programming systems which reduce the demand for skilled workers and reduce the number of steps in the operation process.

Stroke setting

New tool designs make compensating a punch after it has been re-sharpened a much less time consuming job. Instead of using shims in the punch guide assembly to set the optimum length, the new push button adjusting system eliminates the need for shims and instead guides tool assembly in increments of 0.0001 inch. The push button setup speeds up the process substantially and also ensures consistency.


Stripper plate setting

The push button system has also used to hold the stripper plate in the guide. Instead of using screws to fasten it in place, a push button locking system is used to keep it secure. This eliminated the need for installation tools and can reduce setup times by as much as 15 minutes per tool.


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