Sheet metal is becoming one of the most widely used building materials. This mainly due to its adaptability and affordability. Sheet metal is extremely flexible in that it can be used for the manufacturing of rain gutters, roof, HVAC equipment, restaurant equipment and more. It is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.  

Depending on why the metal is being manufactured and how quickly the project needs to be completed, there are lots of different machines in the market. Here are few of the most common ones and their benefits.  

sheet metal machinery

1) Press Brakes 

Press brakes are one of the most common types of sheet metal machinery. Often used in cutting and shaping materials, a high-quality press break allows one to create lots of different shapes and sizes in a safe and efficient manner. Depending on which you prefer, press brakes are typically available in mechanical, as well as hydraulic formats. Some prefer hydraulic presses over mechanical ones due to their versatility. Although hydraulic presses can be more expensive, they are also more user friendly.   

2) Shearing Gadgets 

A helpful tool to cut sheets and large pieces of metals into different shapes and sizes are shearing gadgets. Similar to a pair of scissors, the two blades produce a shearing force in the machines, resulting in a straight cut every time. There are both hydraulic and mechanical shearing instruments, each with their own pros and cons. For larger-scale projects, hydraulic machines are best. However, they also demand routine maintenance, which is something to take into consideration before investing in one. 

3) Bending Instruments 

Bending machines are useful to mold your metal into a specific shape and size. To stretch your sheets into a desired shape or size, the bending tools use a set of rollers, which can be either mechanical or hydraulic. Make sure you understand what you want from your bending appartus, as some are built for air bending, while others for folding.  

For precise, efficient results that provide you a great return on your investment, sheet metal machinery is the way to go. At Acra Machinery, we sell tools such as press brakes, as well as other metal machinery. Please get in touch by calling us at 03 9794 6675.