As experts in sheet metal machinery repair, we value improving the longevity and efficiency of the machines we maintain and recognise that implementing greener processes within modern manufacturing plants is necessary. There are many key environmental sustainability issues in the sheet metal fabrication industryincluding creating more sustainable systems and ensuring factories rely less on toxic chemicals, produce less waste and use less power. However, there are some small measures you can take now to immediately improve your workplace’s environmental impact and save you money. Here, we’ve detailed four easy ways to make your factory more sustainable to benefit you and the environment.


1. Training and precision

Extensive training and precise cutting can reduce the negative environmental impact of wastage. For instance, sheet metal manufacturers rely on a range of toxic chemicals like solvents, cutting agents, surface treatments and hydraulic fluid which can pose a risk to the environment if not appropriately disposed of. It is important to train sheet metal workers on the appropriate amount and usage of chemicals, such as machine lubricant, to reduce waste production and ensure safety precautions are followed.

By being precise and simply selecting the best sheet metal material for your project, you can ensure that you don’t make costly mistakes, waste resources, or add to the carbon footprint of creating a whole new sheet.Many products within the sheet metal fabrication industry are sourced from non-renewable resources, so it’s important to use each item with care.


2. Invest in repairs and maintenance services

Sheet metal machinery repair can be an urgent necessity within the sheet metal industry, as machine breakdown can result in limited productivity and lost income. Rather than attempting to find poor workarounds by using the incorrect tools, repair your machines as needed to prevent mistakes and reduce metal wastage.

Routine safety checks and preventative maintenance is encouraged for all sheet metal machinery to improve the longevity of the machine and prevent costly repairs. By ensuring your machines are properly cared for with appropriate cleaning practices and regularly scheduled maintenance, you prevent wasting resources on needlessly replacing costly machinery.


3. Consider used machinery instead of buying new

For companies looking to expand their production process, buying used machinery is the most affordable option. This economic solution can allow the buyer to witness the machine’s operation in a live inspection, and it reduces the cost of depreciation that can occur when buying new machinery. This convenient practice is also more beneficial to the environment as it reduces the pollution and resources needed to manufacture and transport brand new equipment. By extending the life of used guillotines or press brakes through more sustainable purchases, the machinery gets to be used to its full capacity, preventing it from ending up in a landfill.


4. Choose greener technology

If you must buy new equipment for your factory, consider researching the options available to ensure that you have the most environmentally friendly solution. This could include small equipment changes like operating your plasma cutter with hydrogen gas to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Implementing different techniques could also be effective such as introducing friction welding which produces less energy and toxic by-products than traditional welding practices.

At ACRA Machinery, we value continuous improvements to sheet metal machinery, which is why we note the usefulness of the environmentally-friendly features of press brakes and stock the greener Durma AD-Servo press brakes. This technology was designed to be more durable and precise, reducing wastage and improving the lifespan of the high-quality equipment. Yet another way that simply researching options and choosing more sustainable equipment can be more convenient and economical for your business.


In need of maintenance services or used machinery?

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