Setting goals is key to the success and progress of your business. But what sort of goals should you make? Well, depending on whether you want to increase your profit margin, penetrate new markets or expand your client base, there are lots of different goals you can set. In this blog, we provide some tips and tricks for setting realistic goals that you can reach in 2018.  

Review your 2017 goals and success 

Before you start thinking about the year ahead, it’s important to first reflect on the progress you made in the past year. Think back to January of last year: what goals did you set? Did you achieve these goals? Did you even set any goals to begin with? Once, you’ve figured that out, you can decide whether you want to expand on these goals further or make new ones. If you forgot or didn’t achieve your goals, it’s also a good time to think about why it didn’t happen and the potential roadblocks that prevented you from following through. 

Make SMART goals 

You don’t want to set any random goals. You want to create manageable goals that are aspirational yet achievable. A SMART goal is: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic/relevant, and can be achieved within a timeframe. After making your goals, make sure to go through these points to ensure your goal/s check all the boxes. 

Write your goals down 

Once you’ve got your goals, write them down. Writing down goals or typing them, helps crystallise these goals in our minds and in our business. It makes the goals seem “real” and you feel a greater expectation to actually achieve them.  

Plan, plan, plan! 

There’s no way you will reach your goals if you don’t have a solid action plan. So make sure to create a detailed plan that outlines how and by when you will have reached your goal/s. 


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