The Australian Standard AS 4024.1603 Safety of Machinery states that is essential that people who work in, on or around machinery and equipment are not exposed to hazards due to accidental start-up or movement of the mechanism. People performing tasks such as maintenance, repair, installation, service and cleaning are highly vulnerable, and have a higher risk of being killed or maimed through inadvertent operation of machinery and equipment they are working in, on or around. If a machine has been locked and tagged out by a service contractor or employee for safety reasons, it is important that that lock is not removed by anyone else other than the person who fitted it. If that person cannot be contacted every effort must be made to contact their supervisor and obtain approval to remove the lockout device or tag. Failure to do so may result in an injury or damage to either personnel or equipment. Please do not cut, damage or remove safety devices so that we can ensure the safety of our personnel and your equipment.