While the hydraulic press is an amazingly powerful tool, after a certain period of time it’s normal that things will start to slow down. The press may stop coming down to the required depth; fluid may start leaking out from the power unit; the electrical system may keep short circuiting. If this happens to you, the question is- should you replace or repair your hydraulic press? In this week’s article, we’ll be exploring the steps to conduct a “check up” on your press to see if it’s worth extending its life.


To be cost effective, ensure that a repair or upgrade of your existing equipment costs no more than 65% of what a new one would cost. This includes auxiliary costs, from freight, to installation, to foundation work- depending on whether you’re repairing or replacing.  Furthermore, consider that when replacing the inner parts through an electrical, mechanical or hydraulic upgrade, its existing framework will remain old. Is this what you’re after? Purchasing new machinery will mean that that equipment will simply have a longer lifespan, and slower rate of depreciation in value.


The operation of a hydraulic press must comply with safety regulations. This includes equipment such as physical guarding, area scanners and light curtains, which should be installed on presses before use. It’s true that these features add extra costs, but safety is absolutely crucial to the health and success of the business and its employees.

Hydraulic health

If your hydraulic press is not functioning as it once did, there may be issues present within the hydraulic systems. For example, there may be problems with worn-out cylinder seals, or debris having entered the equipment. Sometimes these issues can be fixed by simply replacing parts, but other circumstances may warrant a hydraulic system replacement completely.

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