All metal fabrication companies are not made equally. Service, quality, and efficiency varies widely across the industry, so it’s important to be able to discern whether or not a particular company has the capability and professionalism required to get the job done. This week, we take a look at five key factors to consider when seeking out a sheet metal fabricator.



Firstly and most importantly, you need to determine whether or not the fabricator has experience with your type pf project. Most sheet metal manufacturers specialise in a particular area and the processes different companies in the industry use can be radically different. You need to find a company capable of working with the grade, gauge and type of metal your project requires. Some fabricators may agree to take the work on and simply outsource the work, which can mean a compromise on quality and an increase in cost. So make sure the fabricator you choose has the experience, skilled staff and production capacity to complete your project in house.



Practical hands on experience can make an enormous difference to product quality in the fabrication industry, so it’s important to choose a company with an established track record. Try to find a company capable of breaking down a project into detailed costs, can translate shop drawings into viable plans, certified workers and project managers with hands on experience.



Make inquiries into the quality control processes that the fabricator undertakes on each project. Also read up on the certifications the company holds so you understand what compliance regulations they adhere to.



Ideally, a fabricator should have a methodology that is client focused and ensures the project is managed and tracked at every turn. A good company should be able to both track and manage even the most complex projects as part of their process control.

Customer Service

To reiterate, customer satisfaction is the single most important factor in any metal fabrication project and you need to find a company that entrenches customer service excellence as part of it’s business philosophy.


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