New Machinery

New Machinery

  • Anti Fatigue Matting

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  • Bandsaws

    Bandsaws (7)

    New and Used Bandsaws Designed to Last

    Bandsaws are an essential piece of machinery in the sheet metal manufacturing industry ¬– they deliver clean, accurate cuts and are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. ACRA stocks a range of quality new and used bandsaws suited to a variety of metal cutting purposes. These heavy-duty machines are economical to run, require minimal training, and, when properly maintained, will last a lifetime. Bandsaws are highly reliable machines – they are hardwearing, user-friendly, and their exceptional cutting precision makes them perfect for large-scale sheet metal fabrication plants. Bandsaws are an affordable alternative to more technical cutting tools like laser cutters and plasma cutters, both in terms of outright purchase price and running costs. ACRA stock only the highest quality bandsaws, designed for efficient, consistent sheet metal fabrication.

    Boost Productivity with the Karmetal Bandsaw Range

    Karmetal was established in 1975 and is now the leading manufacturer of Turkish bandsaw machinery. Karmetal’s bandsaws are equipped with state-of-the-art features, designed to diversify and improve cutting capabilities, boost overall productivity, and most importantly, improve worker safety. With automatic and semi-automatic horizontal bandsaws available, Karmetal machines are designed to facilitate a variety of production purposes and guarantee optimum performance. In partnership with Karmetal, ACRA aims to provide the sheet metal industry with quality products at competitive prices. We only stock machines built to the highest possible standards by reputable manufacturers and our ongoing service and support means you can expect your bandsaw to perform well into the future. If you need any assistance or advice on choosing the right bandsaw for your specific fabrication needs, our knowledgeable team are more than happy to help. Simply email us at with any questions you may have or call us on 03 9794 6675 to discuss which machine is best suited to your production requirements.
  • Corner Notchers

    Corner Notchers (3)

  • Curving, Rolling

    Curving, Rolling (9)

  • Guillotines

    Guillotines (3)

    Durma Guillotines. The world's largest manufacturer of Guillotine shears.
  • Hand Shears

    Hand Shears (2)

  • Laser Cutters

    Laser Cutters (1)

    Quality New and Used Laser Cutters

    Laser cutters are the gold standard in cutting system technology and are renowned for their energy efficiency, low maintenance, high productivity and optimal cutting results. ACRA stocks a quality range of laser cutters including state of the art new machinery and pre-owned models that are in a reliable working condition. This style of cutting system is ideal for working with reflective metals like brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel. Laser systems offer a number of advantages over mechanical cutting including better precision, a reduced chance of warping, and reduced work piece contamination. Laser models are also more precise than plasma cutters, and require much less energy to operate. Laser cutters are ideally suited to operations involving thin metals and complex detailing.

    New state of the art fibre laser cutters from Durmazlar

    Our range of new fibre laser cutters are sourced from our long time manufacturing partner Durmazlar, currently the second largest press brake manufacturer in the world. Durmazlar laser cutters are characterised by their accuracy, efficiency, and user friendly operating systems. Boasting some of the fastest laser processing times of any fibre model, Durmazlar’s designs maximise productivity and enable almost continual cutting with no adjustment requirements as well as a a convenient shuttle table and pallet change system that makes loading and unloading effortless. ACRA is a locally owned and operated business dedicated to supporting manufacturers in the sheet metal industry with high quality machinery. Our expert team has extensive experience working with press brake machinery and are well placed to provide you with advice so you can make an informed decision about the right machine for your business. To learn more about our capabilities, or to enquire about our range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 03 9794 6675.
  • Plasma Cutters

    Plasma Cutters (2)

    Melbourne Based Supplier of New and Used Plasma Cutters

    For sheet metal manufacturers working with a wide range of materials and thicknesses, a plasma cutting system is the only way to go. Plasma cutters have a number of advantages over other cutting technologies including speed, versatility, user friendliness, and economy. Able to work with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including stainless steel and aluminium), and with a thickness capacity ranging from gauge to 80cm, plasma technology is by far the most adaptable on the market and offers a happy medium between the accuracy but limited cutting capability of laser cutters, and the quality compromise inherent in the stronger oxy-fuel systems. Requiring minimal operator training and offering an increasing production capability because of its speed, the plasma cutter is highly economic and will pay for itself in terms of the increased productivity it enables. Plasma cutting costs are also much more economical than those of oxy-fuel systems and have a much lower capital cost than laser cutters.

    Invest in sophisticated plasma cutter technology from Durmazlar

    Known for their reliability and functionality, Durmazlar’s laser cutters are some of the best available on the market. ACRA has a long running partnership with Durmazlar, which is now the second largest press manufacturer in the world. Plasma cutters from Durmazlar are characterised superior performance, efficiency, and an intuitive operating system. ACRA stocks both new and used plasma cutters at our Melbourne location, and are well placed to provide you with the advice and support you need to make the right purchasing decision. Boasting a combined experience of more than 150 years in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, our experienced team will be more than happy to advise you on the right machine for your needs. Get in touch with our team today by calling 03 9794 6675.
  • Press Brakes

    Press Brakes (5)

    Durma Press Brakes. The world's largest manufacturer of Brake Presses

    New and Used Press Brakes for Melbourne Industry

    The press brake is an essential piece of machinery for those in the sheet metal fabrication industry; allowing workers to bend sheet metal with ease and precision. The press brake has been the primary means of bending sheet metal for more than 100 years, and although there are other bending machines available, the press brake remains one of the most economic and reliable. When purchasing a press brake for your sheet metal fabrication plant, there are many different factors that must be considered. You will need to decide whether a mechanical, hydraulic, electric (CNC), or hybrid press brake is best suited to your production needs, as well as whether you want to purchase new, used, or custom made equipment. With the right press brake, you will be able to achieve precise bends time and time again, which is great for productivity. Press brakes offer unmatched versatility when it comes to sheet metal bending, as they can be used on both thin gauge sheet metal and thick workpieces. When choosing a press brake for your fabrication plant, you will need to select a machine based on the tonnage that reflects the majority of your workpieces.

    Use ACRA’s industry knowledge to your advantage

    Choosing a machine that aligns perfectly with the skill level of your workers and the expected output of your fabrication plant is no easy task, which is why it’s best to seek guidance from a reputable supplier of sheet metal machinery with years of experience in operating, maintaining and repairing press brakes and other essential items. This is where ACRA can help. ACRA sell a variety of new, used, and custom press brakes from our Melbourne warehouse, with hydraulic, mechanical and electric models available. We have partnered with quality manufacturers Durmazlar in order to supply state of the art machinery to Melbourne’s sheet metal fabrication industry. Durmazlar’s machinery, which is known for its accuracy, reliability, and affordable price range, coupled with the wealth of experience attained by ACRA’s staff, will ensure you find the right press brake for your fabrication needs.
  • Punch and Shears

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  • Section Rolls

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  • Slitter Folders

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  • Swageing Rolls

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  • Turret Punches

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