Deciding whether to invest in new or second hand machinery is an important decision for small and medium sized businesses. Making the right decision requires consideration of a wide range of factors pertaining the budget, needs, and scale of a particular enterprise and in this article, we explore just a few of them.


The budget you have for sheet metal machinery is going to be the single biggest determining factor in whether you buy new or second hand. Naturally, a second hand machine is going to cost only a fraction of the price tag on a new model straight off the factory floor but there are other cost factors to consider such as maintenance and production quality.


If you buy a new machine, you’re investing in the latest technology on the market but realistically, many businesses don’t require machinery that is so sophisticated. For small scale operations or manufacturing where elements like accuracy, control, and automation aren’t paramount, a functional second hand machine will do a satisfactory job at a fraction of the price.


Reliability is one of the most important elements to consider when investing in machinery and it is possible to invest in a second hand machine that will provide years of reliable performance. An advantage of second hand machinery (from a reputable dealer) is that it’s been tried and tested under industrial conditions, and has a proven track record of long term reliability. In this sense, buying a second hand machine is almost a safer bet than investing in a new model as it has a proven track record.


When you buy a new machine from an established brand, you know exactly what you are getting and have a product support team to rely on if anything goes wrong. By contrast, finding quality second hand machines requires research and finding a reliable second hand dealer who will sell you a restored machine and give you an accurate report on it’s condition.

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