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Jorns JDB Double Bending Slitter Folder

As several parallel, tapered or overlapped profiles can be bent simultaneously, the fully automatic, graphically controlled Jorns JDB Double Bending Machine will increase the speed of your projects.


The simultaneous bending of complex profiles poses no problem for the JDB because multitasking is a given on this machine. The area behind the clamping tool offers above-average open space: you can produce bending profiles without turning them around or over. The use of servo-technology, the automatic loading & unloading table, as well as the individually driven clamping fingers allow maximum precision & flexibility. This machine comes complete with the latest control technology & intuitive graphic programming.

  • 1.25mm – 3mm Bending Capacity
  • 3200mm – 12200mm Bending Length
  • CP200Twin Graphic Control System
  • Additional SSD Card w/ Windows & Machine Image Duplicate
  • Conical Electric Clamping Finger
  • Triple Divided Clamping System
  • Detachable Hydraulic Shear (2000mm/s)
  • Multi-Proportional Hydraulic System w/ Cooling System

  • CP300Twin Graphic Control System
  • WiFi Start Button
  • Additional License Key for Offline Programming
  • Single-Line Bar Code Scanner
  • 4-Time Divided Clamping System (min. 8 fingers)
  • Short Part Electric Clamping Finger
  • Automated Vacuum Gripper
  • Semi-Automated Back Gauge Finger (Spring Finger)
  • Parallel Pnuematic Clamping Finger
  • Semi-Automated Conical Back Gauge System
  • Semi-Automated Parallel Back Gauge System
  • Additional Back Gauge Fingers
  • Electric Shear (3000mm/s)
  • Double Servo Pump Hydraulic System
  • Oil Heater for Hydraulic Unit
  • Laser Hardened Tooling
  • Hydraulic Material Thickness Adjustment
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Automated Infeed Table
  • Brush Cassettes
  • LED Light
  • Customized Colour
  • Tapered Back Stop System
  • Hyper-Speed Hydraulic System (30% faster than the standard system)
  • Laser-Hardened Tools
  • Automatic Material Thickness Adjustment
  • Upper Beam Pre-Tension
  • Dynamic Crowning
  • Hem Pre-Tension
  • Cutting Table
  • Manual Table Shears
  • Support Arms

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