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Jorns JB Slitter Folder

Benefit from the open space offered by the semi-automatic, graphically controlled Jorns JB Bending Machine.


The area behind the clamping tool offers above-average open space, allowing you to manufacture profiles with extreme efficiency. The use of servo-technology & the freely moving back stop fingers guarantee maximum precision & flexibility to bend parallel, tapered or overlapped profiles. This machine comes complete with the latest control technology & intuitive graphic programming.

  • 1.25mm – 3mm Bending Capacity
  • 4000mm – 12200mm Bending Length
  • CP200 Graphic Control System
  • Additional SSD Card w/ Windows & Machine Image Duplicate
  • Automatic Parallel Back Gauge System
  • Detachable Hydraulic Shear (750mm/s)
  • Super-High-Speed Hydraulic Unit w/ Cooling System (20% Faster than standard system)
  • Geometry “F”
  • Hydraulic Material Thickness Adjustment
  • LED Light

  • Swiveling Arm Control
  • Additional License Key for Offline Programming
  • Single-Line Bar Code Scanner
  • Automatic Conical Back Gauge System
  • Additional Back Gauge Finger
  • Short Part Back Gauge Additions
  • Electric Shear (1500mm/s)
  • Hyper-Speed Hydraulic System (30% faster than the standard system)
  • Oil Heater for Hydraulic Unit
  • Laser-Hardened Tooling
  • Automatic Material Thickness Adjustment
  • Upper Beam Pre-Tension
  • Automatic Dynamic Crowning
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Hem Pre-Tension
  • Cutting Table
  • Manual Table Shears
  • Support Arms

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