It’s no secret that we love Jorns here at ACRA Machinery. When it comes to reliable sheet metal machinery companies – Jorns A.G is up there in design, reliability, and durability. Their high-calibre single and double slitter folders are unparalleled in the industry. But what about the company itself? Where did they start and how did this small, family-run business come to be an industry leader in the sheet metal machinery world? Today’s blog is going to be concentrating entirely on the history of Jorns and how they operate as a company.


Jorns A.G has always been in the sheet metal fabrication industry, and more specifically, the bending machines industry – manufacturing them and sheet metal machinery accessories from the beginning. In 1973, master mechanic, Kurt Jorns, took over the company Konrad. At the time, Konrad was a tiny company consisting of four people. This is where it all began.

Two years later and Jorns had developed and built their first NC-controlled bending machine. These numerically controlled bending machines featured motorized backstops and electric shears. They were the 78 and 77 series. Over the next few years, new features were added to their machines – such as a rolling spindle stop and the PC-3000 screen control system.

In 1982, their engineers developed the new 82 series which was capable of bending sheet metal up to 3 mm thick. This new series – as well as the others – were soon replaced in ’87 though by the freshly developed Norma-line, Maxi-line and Super-line.

The jump to CNC

Computer numeric control (CNC) is essentially the same principle as NC – but the computer can monitor the progress of the action and relay the information back to other parts of the machine. This makes for an effective and more precise process. NC systems were commonly used until the late 1960’s – when CNC systems became more advanced as well as the industry standard.

Jorns A.G didn’t manufacture their first CNC system until ’94 when they came out with a bending machine issued with a CNC400 control system. Whilst they were a little late to the party – six years later they’d equipped all their bending machines with completely automated CNC systems. These CNC control systems even had an in-house developed graphic interface as well as specialised software that was used for calculating sheet metal.

Double bending machine and the passing of the mantle

One of the trademark products from Jorns A.G is their double slitter folder. This was first shown to the world in 2002 at the EuroBlech exhibition. Its unique capabilities allowed it to manufacture roof and wall profiles without the need for them to be turned over or around. Three years later, Kurt Jorns passed the mantle to his son, Marc, who continued to manage the company using his experience as a machine mechanic and business economist.

Moving towards the future

By 2012, all Jorns bending machines that featured graphic controls had B&R hardware installed. This allowed the machines to be controlled remotely. Fast forward two years and the “J-Bend” app is developed and released. It was met with critical acclaim and received the “Best of Swiss Apps” award. The application simplified productivity and workflow for all Jorns users – giving everyone a glimpse into the potential of future technology.

At EuroBlech’s 2018 exhibition, Jorns A.G unveiled their JDB double bending machine. This machine featured a new design as well as individually driven clamping fingers. With the ability to simultaneously bend several parallel, tapered or overlapped profiles – the machine was a big hit and impressive feat. Jorns’ innovative and forward-thinking actions got them where they are today. They are an industry leader because of their constant adaptation to the market.

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