When something goes awry with your press brake or sheet metal machinery, it can mean havoc for your business. Press brakes are so necessary for accurate and easy sheet metal fabrication and taking the time to arrange maintenance and repairs can often mean extended or missed deadlines. And that’s if the machinery can be repaired at all! Press Brakes can also be so personalised to the business needs and specifically selected based on the tonnage of your workpieces.

It can be difficult to determine if your press brake needs maintenance or when it’s time to find a replacement. The team at ACRA Machinery have outlined some simple questions to determine if your current press brake needs to be serviced, or if it is time to invest in new sheet metal machinery.

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Is your press brake due for a service?

When you first notice that your press brake is not operating efficiently, it’s time to schedule a maintenance check to assess the condition of the machinery. Regular cleaning and routine maintenance can extend the life of your metal machinery, including the press brake. There are no downsides to scheduling preventative maintenance with a qualified technician to the longevity of your press brake.

Is the software out of date?

Most often, the programs and software will become obsolete long before the actual machinery gives way. In this case, you may simply need to upgrade your machine’s software or CNC components or retrofit a new interface. This will allow your technicians to set up jobs in the computer, for more time-efficient sheet metal fabrication, increased accuracy, and less sheet metal waste.

If your business is failing to keep up with the current workload, contacting professional technicians to perform an upgrade could be all that’s needed to speed up, making it crucial that this service or retrofit is performed as soon as possible. By investing in your current press brake and upgrading your software or adding modern controls, you can increase the longevity and reliability of your machinery.

Does your current press brake take hours to set up for each project?

If you find that fabrication projects are often delayed due to lengthy set-up times between projects or constant tooling changes, it may be time to upgrade to a more modern model. Similarly, if you find that your press brake doesn’t produce accurate results consistently, needs regular repairs, or replacement parts are increasingly difficult to source, it may be more cost-efficient to spend money on a newer model rather than persistent maintenance. A newer model could dramatically reduce your press brake’s downtime and operation disruptions.

Sometimes the press brake no longer aligns with our cutting needs or the specs of your production pieces. If that’s the case, it may be time to speak to expert sheet metal machinery suppliers to find new press brake technologies with the accuracy and convenience to better suit your warehouse’s needs.

Our extensive range of used and new sheet metal machinery

Our Melbourne warehouse houses an assortment of press brake tooling and environmentally friendly Durma press brakes. As one of the largest manufacturers of sheet metal machinery in Europe, renowned for accuracy and affordability, Durma press brakes offer high sensitivity and repeatability with low service costs. Our Durma press brakes come with our 2-year warranty and our service team also offers to assist with installation, commissioning, and training needs.

Our experts have a range of new, used, and custom press brakes available with hydraulic, mechanical, electric and hybrid models available. Our friendly and professional team is ready to help you find an efficient and reliable model for your business, to suit your worker’s skill set and sheet metal workload.

Interested in acquiring a new press brake for your business?

ACRA Machinery stocks a variety of new and used sheet metal machinery for all of your workshop’s sheet metal fabrication needs.

With over 150 years of experience, our expert technicians are available for all your sheet metal machinery needs to help give your turret punch, press brake or laser cutter the best possible operational life. If you’re looking to increase your workshop’s capabilities or if you have any questions about press brake repairs or maintenance, get in touch with us by calling 03 9794 6674 or contact us via our online enquiry form.