Sheet metal is an extremely versatile resource and is used in a wide variety of industries. Sheet metal manufacture benefits many different fields, so in this blog we take you through a few industries where sheet metal is most commonly used.

sheet metal uses

Building and construction

Sheet metal is used extensively throughout the building and construction industry, both as an exterior and interior material. Exterior uses include things like rain gutters, roofing and roof flashing, awnings, columns and balustrades, decorative facades, and metal domes. Sheet metal’s interior construction uses include air ducts and flues, furnaces, bathroom fittings, and even decorative wall coverings made to resemble masonry.


Another industry that would not have evolved and expanded without sheet metal is the transportation industry. Sheet metal has many uses throughout the transportation industry; it is used to manufacture the bodies (and inner workings) of ships, cars, trains and even aeroplanes. Sheet metal’s flexibility, durability and comparatively light weight makes it the perfect material to be used in the manufacture of various transportation vehicles.

Armour, weaponry and equestrian

When sheet metal was first invented it was commonly used to make plate armour for men in cavalry. While plate armour is no longer used, sheet metal’s historical use in associated items like horse tack still lingers on today. Sheet metal is also used in the manufacture of weaponry, including guns and tanks.

Sheet metal has a huge range of uses and its invention completely changed the face of metalworking. In order to cut, shape and resize sheet metal to suit different applications, a range of specialised tools and sheet metal machinery are required. ACRA stock a huge range of new and used sheet metal machinery, including machines like press brakes, laser cutters, band saws, section rolls and more. To find sheet metal machinery suited to your specific requirements, call us now on 03 9794 6675.