This week, we continue to look at the maintenance requirements of hydraulic press brake systems. This is the second and final part in our series about how you can extend the lifespan of your hydraulic press and minimise breakdowns through regular maintenance and vigilance.



Check the control wiring

Control wiring needs to be checked on an annual basis to ensure it’s in good condition and all of the connections are secure. Any loose wiring needs to be tied with wire ties or placed in wire ways, whilst spare or unused wires need to be capped off or removed. Finally, any dust or debris present needs to be cleaned away to prevent damage or degradation.


Tend to frayed hoses immediately

Tend to frayed hoses or incorrectly crimped fittings immediately as these can cause plumbing failures. To ensure they can withstand any kind of system pressure, fittings need to be crimped by an authorised facility, and hoses should always be positioned in a way that ensures they cannot touch one another.


Change filters regularly

Oil sampling should be done at least once a year to determine whether or not your filters need changing. Sampling will be able to give you an indication of the kinds f particles present in the oil, whether there is water present, and the lubricity. Sampling will also let you know whether the right micron level of filtration is being employed.

Prioritise clean oil

Dirty oil and low oil levels can limit the lifespan of your hydraulic press, so it’s important to ensure the oil is not compromised by heat or dirt.


Optimise oil temperature

48˚ is the ideal temperature for oil in a hydraulic press, and the the cooling mechanisms for this part of the system need to be properly cared for to ensure they are able to maintain this number. To do this, the radiator needs to either regularly cleaned to remove dirt and debris that inhibits airflow, or by attaching a filter to the heat exchanger.

Keep the temperature below 65˚

Generally speaking, a hydraulic press should run relatively cool compared with other machinery, ideally somewhere between 48˚ and 60˚.


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