Invented in 1949, the hydraulic ironworker was largely ignored until more than a decade later. However, their impact on the metal manufacturing industry is unmistakeable. To this day, the ironworker remains an incredibly important tool, despite the immense changes to technology that occurred with time. In this week’s article, we’re going to be exploring the history of the hydraulic ironworker, and how it has changed in modern times.

Peace, love and hydraulic ironworkers

It wasn’t until the late 1960s that hydraulic ironworkers were embraced by the metal manufacturing industry. Before their time, much larger mechanical tools were all the rage. With massive flywheels, these mechanical models were incredibly powerful, but also excessively heavy and therefore dangerous. The early models of hydraulic ironworkers were able to pack the same punch without all of that weight. This meant that users were able to control the entire movement of the machinery, unlike the models in use prior to the ironworker’s emergence.

In the time of now

Today, ironworkers still look pretty similar to when they were first introduced. These machinery were made to be long lasting, and so businesses are able to rely on simply changing parts when they get damaged or rusty at all. However, they’ve changed in different ways. One such example is that of its tonnage; hydraulic ironworkers made today are available in variations as high as a 150-ton ironworker, with a capability to punch a hole in 1.25 inch steel plates. Manufacturers of the hydraulic ironworker have also introduced the two-function ironworker, meaning double the productivity!

To infinity and beyond

As a highly versatile tool, the hydraulic ironworker remains relevant to this day, and no doubt into the future, as well. It’s likely that as technology improves, so too will the capabilities of the ironworker, ensuring its place within the future of metal manufacturing.

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