Plasma cutting is a simple and efficient way to cut metal. Due to the technology becoming increasingly convenient and user-friendly, plasma cutter use has grown exponentially. From artists and sign makers to farmers and metal fabricators, plasma cutters are now used by many. Yet there are still important safety procedures that must be adhered to when engaging with this technology. In this blog, we break down how to safely use a plasma cutter.

Plasma cutter

General Safety Information

Firstly, ensure that an authorised personnel with supervision or permission is using the plasma cutting equipment. Before you even begin, warn others around you that you’re about to start operating with a plasma cutter. Also make sure those around you are wearing protective gear, such as goggles and heat resistant clothing.

Wear Protective Gear

Exposure to high molten metal, fumes and other potentially harmful substances can be dangerous. Protect yourself and others by wearing protective plasma cutting gear. This includes: appropriate eyewear, such as a plasma cutting helmet, non-flammable welding aprons and clothing, buttoned up clothing, welding gloves and appropriate footwear, such as leather top steel toe shoes or boots.

Dim Lights

The plasma cutter arc can generate intense light rays which can burn your eyes and skin. To protect your skin, it’s imperative that you wear proper clothing as mentioned above. However, eyes need extra protection. This should be in the form of a face shield or safety glasses fitted with an accurate lens shade.

Protect Yourself from Potential Fire Hazards

To protect yourself from potential fire hazards, keep a lengthy distance between your cutting area and any flammable materials, such as fuel, wood and paper. The appropriate distance between your cutting materials and surroundings should be at least 8 metres. Remember to always have a fire extinguisher around in the case of an emergency.

Be Well Grounded and Avoid Electrocution

Plasma cutters have the potential to cause fatal shocks. To avoid this, always wear rubber gloves while cutting in addition to welding gloves. Also be sure to not work in a wet environment. Your plasma cutter should also be correctly grounded and wired by an electrician.

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