In the sheet metal fabrication industry, bandsaw blades are one of the most widely used tools, but their maintenance needs are often overlooked as unlike more complex technologies, they tend to remain relatively functional until the point of breakdown. Establishing a proper maintenance schedule for your bandsaw blade not only results in increased uptime (and therefore productivity), it can also reduce overall maintenance costs in the long run. This week, we examine the key steps involved in proper bandsaw blade maintenance.

bandsaw blade

Understand how your bandsaw works

Different bandsaws are designed to cut different thicknesses and widths of metal, so it’s important to understand what the machine you have is good at and what it’s limits are before you begin working with it. Whilst this advice might sound obvious, the most common reasons bandsaws fail is because they are overloaded beyond their parameters.

Follow the instructions

Make sure you perform the standard maintenance and adjustments every day in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Regular lubrication and fluids are also important to use to avoid damage.

Inspect and document

Although it might seem like unnecessary downtime if your machine is performing well, scheduled maintenance should be prioritised. All functions of the bandsaw should be tested, bearings checked for wear, and safety functions examined. The outcome of these inspections should then be documented. Documentation allows you to analyse the reports to identify patterns and emerging problems, so you can get them fixed before they cause downtime.

Make sure the blade clearance is properly set

Setting the proper clearance not only ensures a high cut quality, it also helps to protect the blade from damage and extend the life of the bandsaw. If the clearance is too low, the blade will break, if it is too loose, it will cause more wear and tear than is necessary and if it is set too high, the cut will be compromised.

If your bandsaw needs repairing, don’t wait

If you notice unusual wear or your bandsaw blade needs adjusting, call in an expert to fix it as soon as possible. Minor problems can quickly become expensive disasters if ignored.


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