On this blog, we often talk about the ways investing in advanced sheet metal manufacturing technology can help improve productivity. However, machinery is only half of the equation in the manufacturing industry and the human element is often overlooked as working on employee productivity tends to be a lot more complex than simply upgrading your machinery. Despite this, if you can get it right, improved worker productivity can have a significant impact on your bottom line and also help improve both  job satisfaction and morale. This week, we look at some of the ways sheet metal manufacturers can improve worker productivity.

learn how to boost worker productivity

Examine existing workflow

The first step in improving productivity is to identify inefficiencies in the workflow. To do this, you need to evaluate the processes, technology and of course the people required to produce your product. When focusing on employee productivity, look closely at things like procedures, communication tools and channels and resources to see if there is room for improvement. From there, value mapping can be an effective way to identify and monitor process improvement to see the impact on the workflow.

Anti-fatigue matting

Anti-fatigue matting can play an important role in boosting productivity as it enables workers to perform for long stretches of time without any pain. Anti-fatigue matting improves posture and blood circulation, reduces body aches, helps preserve energy levels and helps workers feel physically comfortable and supported throughout the day.

Invest in employee education

In an industry that is constantly evolving both in terms of technology and procedural processes, there are plenty of opportunities for employees to advance their professional skillset which ultimately adds value to your business and ensures you remain up to date with the latest specialist technologies.

Foster a team environment

Although it’s made up of separate stations, a manufacturing floor is most productive when everyone is united and working towards the same goal and lag, waste and conflict is kept to a minimum. Creating a co-operative environment requires a dual approach of running regular team building exercises and working with employees individually to ensure they feel comfortable and see themselves as part of the team.


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