Maintaining employee morale is an important element of business management that is often overlooked. Poor employee morale can have a significant impact on the operations and bottom line of a business and is associated with poor cooperation, increased turnover and low productivity. In the metal fabrication industry, maintaining employee morale is just as important as in an office or shop so this week, we thought we’d look at a few simple and cost effective ways you can strengthen morale.

Learn to boost your emplyoee morale

Keep your employees focused on the bigger picture

Everyone wants to know that their work is contributing to progress or a greater good but it can be hard to keep a larger vision in mind on a day to day basis. As an employer, it’s your jobs to keep employees focused on the bigger picture. Some ways of doing this might be by sharing positive customer feedback, or sharing wins on a company level like good publicity or a spike in sales.


Find creative ways to celebrate accomplishments

Taking time out from the daily grind to acknowledge the hard work of employees lets them know they are valued and appreciated. It might be as simple as getting other employees to nominate their peers for good deeds or accomplishments during the week and then reading out the submissions on a Friday afternoon.


Let employees pursue their passions

Letting employees pursue a personal project can be a great way to re-energise employees and serve as a source of innovation.


Mix up the routine

Departing from the monotony of day to day workplace routines can be a great way to build morale. Although differing from procedure is not possible on the factory floor due to safety regulations, other elements like lunch breaks and meetings can be re-imagined as team events that gets your employees out of the office. Team building games, office lunches in the local park, or even a little friendly competition can go a long way to helping you employees see their workplace in a more positive light.


Train employees to think positively

Positive thinking is a skill that can be taught, so why not include it in your training procedure just like any other vital workplace skill.



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