Shearing machinery is an essential part of the sheet metal manufacturing process, and hydraulically powered models are the best on the market in terms of safety, precision, and speed. Although they are more expensive than the traditional manual models, hydraulic guillotines are a great investment that prove their worth many times over. In this article, we list ten good reasons why the hydraulic guillotine is a valuable asset to your sheet metal business.

  1. Accuracy
    Hydraulic systems use a two-way cartridge integrated valve to ensure a high level of shearing accuracy. Because it is an all steel welded construction, it’s vibration eliminates stress, the hand wheels in the machinery also assist in modulating the gap between the plates and maintains accuracy.
  2. Variability
    Hydraulic models can cut different sizes without having to be adjusted. The shearing angle and working pressure can also be adjusted to reduce the deformation of plates.
  3. Reliability
    When combined with an integrated hydraulic system, this type of guillotine provides reliable results every time. Hydraulic models can also be programmed to meet the specifications of a particular project to ensure a consistent result.
  4. Compatibility
    Hydraulic machines can be integrated into most sheet metal manufacturing systems and are an ideal solution if you have a state of the art, integrated hydraulic system already in place.
  5. Durability
    A hydraulic model has a strong shearing capacity and a long service life. This is partially due to it’s steel welded construction.
  6. Cost effective
    Although they are more expensive than manual models, a hydraulic guillotine represents value for money due to their long lifespans and production efficiency. Hydraulic models are also more compact, and take up less space on your factory floor.
  7. Safety
    Hydraulic models are safer option to work with than older manual models, provided they are operated by an experienced professional.
  8. Energy efficient
    Because hydraulics depends on fuel power, they consume substantially less power than other mechanical models.
  9. Speed
    One of the chief advantages of a hydraulic model is it’s shearing speed, which outstrips the processing time of other types of shearing machines without compromising accuracy.
  10. Easy to repair
    Hydraulic guillotines have standard replacement parts which are easy to source, relatively inexpensive, and simple to install.

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