This week on the Acra blog we are reviewing the four Jorns AG slitter folder products we have available for Melbourne businesses. Jorns AG are known as the best slitter folder manufacturers in the world and we are proud to stock this industry leader.

About Jorns AG

Jorns AG of Switzerland is the world’s leading manufacturer of slitter folder products. Their range includes long folders and automated up/down folders as well as cutting systems. All of the Jorns AG products are assembled and tested onsite in the company’s own assembly hall. Currently, Jorns AG builds and sells 100-120 bending machines per year. The brand maintains a firm focus on folding machinery and working with light gauge materials in long lengths. Jorns models are ideal for manufacturing individual parts or small batch production and are mainly for manufacturing purposes in the roofing and architecture industries. Some of the defining characteristics of Jorns slitter folders include:


  • Ergonomic design
  • Advanced safety and performance features
  • Superior construction using laser technology, welding robots and CNC machining centres
  • Highly efficient processing
  • Unsurpassed continuous output


Jorns Long Length Slitter Folders

In order to cater to their diverse clientele, Jorns AG long length slitter folders incorporate modular design which enables customers to configure the machinery to suit their manufacturing requirements. Some of the possible modular fixtures include:

  • CNC controls unit (graphically supported)
  • Depth stop
  • Conical depth stop
  • Cutting systems
  • Shearing systems
  • Hydraulic material thickness adjustment, hem pre-tensioning
  • Top beam pretensioning
  • Mobile programming


All of the Jorns AG long length slitter models include

  • Hydraulic system

For quiet, reliable and energy efficient operation. Features proportional guarantee-controlled speeds, top beam overload protection, top beam with load relief, hydraulic cylinder with ramp control system and pipe brak safety devices.

  • Machine safety

Including a multi-bean laser system which detects potential hazards before the danger point is reached

  • Dual pedal foot control

For fast and convenient operation

  • Bending beam mounted on coupling joints

For scratch free sheet surfaces and elegant radii

  • Use friendly controls


Jorns TwinMatic-Pro

Jorns AG developed the first double bending machines in 2001 and since then, these models have revolutionised the industry by eliminating the need for rotating and flipping which is both time and energy consuming. The TwinMatic-Pro uses positive-negative bending technology to achieve a precise bend whilst cutting down production times and therefore unit costs. Like the Long Length Slitter Folders, the TwinMatic-Pro features several modular options which lets businesses configure the machinery to suit their manufacturing needs. Some of the features common to all TwinMatic Pro models include:

  • Pneumatic clamping finger with changer system

Enables flat sheets to be automatically stopped and folded sheets to be gripped

  • Machine safety

Including a light curtain, protective fence and multi-beam laser system to identify hazards

  • Hem pretension

For uniform closing of the hem

  • Bending beam pretension

Enables each bending beam section to be adjusted as needed

  • Material thickness adjustment RH

Compensates for different sheet thicknesses

  • Multiproportional hydraulic system

Enables multiple hydraulically driven axes to be moved simultaneously, reducing cycle time


Jorns Gutter Bending Machine

Ideal for manufacturing gutters and curves in a wide range of shapes and lengths, the gutter bending machine is precise and has a high repeat accuracy. This machine is a cost-effective manufacturing solution for both standard and special gutters. As with other Jorns AG brand products, the gutter machine is ideal for long, lightweight materials. It can bend up to 1.25mm thickness and lengths of up to 10 metres. Key features of the Gutter bending machine include:

  • Three rollers

Ideal for producing narrow curves in close succession

  • Pretension

To ensure uniform rounding over the working surface

  • Supporting table
  • Stop system Types RM and 11

Allows raw materials to be precisely positioned and has an inbuild safety mechanism which lifts up in the case of clamping

  • CNC800RM controls

Mounted on a mobile console and network enabled, this touchscreen control allows for remote diagnosis, graphics software and automatic rear stop

  • Servo motors

To meet exacting rounding demands

  • Roller safety (multi-beam laser system)

Detects potential danger before closing

  • 2 pedal foot controls

For fast and simple operation

  • Height adjustable table


Jorns Mini Service Centre

Combining a decoiling unit, cut to length die, straightening unit, tandem scrap rewinder and recoiling unit, the Jorns AG Mini Service Centre is perfect for continuously changing production units or performing series production in a cost effective and professional way.


We specialise in sheet metal manufacturing products and are dedicated to providing Melbourne businesses with access to both high quality products and qualified advice. To learn more about our range of new and used slitter folder products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 03 9794 6675.