sheet metal guillotine is a fantastic addition to any metal fabrication workshop – especially when it comes to the premium-grade products from Durma. We’re going to be taking a look at the three Durma guillotines that we have and highlighting their features and differences – so you can have a better idea of which product will suit your applications better.

Different types of guillotines

Before we jump into the product’s specifics – it’s important to note that the core ways in which each of these machines cut is different. The three machines we’re going to be looking at in this blog are variable rake, mechanical and swing beam hydraulic.

  • Variable rake guillotines offer a diverse range of cutting options for all types of thicknesses and cut types. They can offer precise cuts with minimum twisting and are usually the more advanced machines out of the three types.
  • Mechanical guillotines are driven by flywheel clutch-engaged eccentrics. They’re simpler machines that use less power overall and are easier to maintain.
  • Swing beam hydraulic guillotines move in a circular arc motion which can deliver clean, right-angled cuts. They use the energy from hydraulic valves within a manifold to power the motor. This delivers force to a single point during a cut which is then transferred to other points along the cutting line.

VS variable rake hydraulic CNC guillotine

Durma’s VS series hydraulic guillotine utilises state-of-the-art CNC technology to bring you one of the most sophisticated shear machines available on today’s market. Its superior cutting capabilities allow it to take on thicknesses ranging from 6 – 25mm as well as 0° 30′ – 2° precise rake adjustment to be made ensuring a truly fine cut without sacrificing any of the quality.

The VS series sheet metal guillotine comes with a D-Touch 7 control unit to guarantee easy and seamless cuts within seconds thanks to its easily navigable GUI. Durma’s robust back gauge system is proudly featured on this model and works to further ensure fast and precise cuts. An often-overlooked factor, a guillotine’s back gauge system is imperative in not only assuring a stable and precise cut time and time again but also in reducing rattling and improving stability throughout the whole process.

MS mechanical guillotine

Suitable for a variety of types of metal and thicknesses, Durma’s MS mechanical guillotine is the perfect jack of all trades shear machine. Enjoy efficient, precise cuts with modern safety capabilities that go above and beyond – once again establishing Durma as a leader when it comes to sheet metal machinery safety. You can also enjoy low power consumption and direct drive technology to optimise your day-to-day activities.

If you don’t need a guillotine for any one specific use then this MS series machine is your best bet as it’s an efficient, accurate and economical device capable of incredible, high-quality cuts. It’s also equipped with Durma’s specialised magnet brakes and clutch system which ensures your operating cycles run at high torques and that you can enjoy a backlash-free experience.

SBT swing beam guillotine

The SBT swing beam guillotine from Durma is already capable of delivering high-precision cuts thanks to the blade’s arc motion – but this is further improved by Durma’s high tech innovations that guarantee this at a low-cost. The rigidly built exterior is built to last and ensure smooth operations. One of the biggest features of this sheet metal guillotine is the reduced cutting angle – which allows the user to achieve straighter precision with minimum twist tolerance.

The SBT (as well as the previous two machines) includes light curtains for finger guards as well as an adjustable angle stop from 0 – 180°. This machine also features a blade gap adjustment and sheet support systems for faster and more reliable continuous cuts.

Are you in the market for a sheet metal guillotine?

The three sheet metal guillotines mentioned above are all premium shear machines that will deliver precise and clean cuts for a variety of situations and are all made by the veteran sheet metal machine manufacturer Durma. ACRA Machinery is a proud partner of Durma products and stocks the aforementioned products as well as a range of other cutting, bending and sheet metal fabrication machines – with both new and used stock available. We also offer a range of maintenance and repair services to ensure your machines remain in tip-top condition.

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