Turkish company Durma have released an incredible new panel bending CNC machine and the crew at ACRA are excited to share it with you. This mammoth machine is capable of achieving some pretty amazing things – so we thought we’d dedicate a blog to exploring its features. Seeing as Durma is our oldest brand partnership, we also thought we’d have a glimpse at some of their history as a sheet metal machinery company.

The CNC Panel Bending Centre

Durma’s latest release is an absolute goliath of a unit. The CNC Panel Bending Centre is specially designed to maximise the time it takes to fabricate sheet metal whilst still maintaining safe, high speeds. The sleek, ergonomic design screams classic Durma and is coupled with a vigorous frame and high-level of precision.

It boasts high productivity levels whilst also exploring new technologies such as its smart consumption system which minimises energy consumption – meaning you save on cost. It does this by determining what the optimum amount of required energy is and uses that – which stops it from expending unnecessary energy.

One thing to understand about this machine is that it’s not like a standard bending machine at all. It’s completely automatic with 28 servo-controlled axes and 40 pneumatically controlled motion and positioning axes. This makes for a highly efficient and versatile machine that is capable of bending thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 4 mm.

The CNC Panel Bending Machine is also capable of automatically changing tools to accommodate for various dimensions – further improving overall efficiency. The loading and unloading device automatically unloads freshly bent pieces and loads the next item. As you can see, this machine truly is a fully automated marvel with very little set-up time required.

The control panel that comes with this unit is the Sinumerik 840DSL CNC controller. It features an integrated PC with Windows 7 as well as a Durma interface for the controller. It comes pre-loaded with basic bending parameters for common thickness ranges for general materials such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Through these, you can easily adjust the parameters accordingly to suit your needs.

It also comes with several optional features such as the auxiliary bending device – which allows the machine to take on larger bending jobs using an accurate and dependable belt driving system. The auxiliary holder device is another optional feature which lets the upper tool change into an alternative tool when necessary. The best part is it does this automatically and whilst the bending cycle is active.

Durma’s latest bit of sheet metal machinery works to minimise labour and energy costs with its maximised efficiency. Utilising CAD/CAM software, it is capable of effortlessly bending some complex profiles automatically.

A glimpse at Durma

ACRA Machinery has been partnered with sheet metal machinery giants, Durma, for 25 years. The company was established by Ali Durmaz in 1956 in Turkey under the name Durmazlar Machinery. Nine years after the company was established, they made their first international export to Germany. Over the next few years, Durmazlar Machinery had produced their first motorised up-cut shear – with their first hydraulic up-cut shear and press brake being produced two years later in 1980.

Four years later and they were at the International Hannover Fair representing their brand and sharing it with the world. Five years after that, in 1989, they produced their first-ever CNC hydraulic press brake. In 1999 the patent for Durma Brand was acknowledged – which is the branding we know and use today for their sheet metal machinery.

Over the last two decades they have produced laser cutting machines, turret punches, have received multiple awards and certificates and were also ranked amongst the top 100 most valuable brands in Turkey in 2015 – according to the Brand Finance report from the International Assessment Organisation. In-house cloud-based machines and technology are also being developed by Durma.

Looking for sheet metal machinery?

ACRA Machinery stock a full range of Durma products include press brakes, guillotines, plate rolls and of course the new Durma CNC Panel bending Centre. As well as new products, we also sell several used Durma machines if you don’t necessarily need a new product. Our expert engineers will be able to help you pick the right machine for you and will be glad to lend their advice and knowledge.

If you’d like to enquire about the new CNC Panel Bending Centre – or any other Durma products – then please give us a call on 03 9794 6675. You may also fill out the contact sheet on our website.