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Durma CNC Panel Bending Centre

Our latest member of Durma inventory, the Durma CNC Panel Bending Centre is produced to increase effiency on panel production with its’ advanced technology. Durma Panel Benders offer both simple & automatic bending between 0.5mm – 4mm thick.


The Durma Panel Bending Machines include an automatic tool changing system providing maximum speed & safety as well as minimzing downtime, the automation include is comparable to Laser & Punch machines adding superior benefits to processing times. These features combined with its excellent level or precision & ergonmic design can increase levels of production substanitally for your business. It’s newly devloped smart consumption & operator free processing add further value minimizing both energy & labour costs. All of this combined with its easy-to-use interface & programming software make for a great inclusion to the Acra Machinery range. Contact one of our representatives to discuss your newest machinery solution today!

  • Universal Bending & Holding Tools
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840 D SL Windows 7 Operating System
  • Remote Diagnostic Function
  • Ethernet Communication Network
  • Automatic Tool Set-Up
  • Manipulator Clamp
  • Bending Device Crowning
  • Holding Device Crowning
  • Brush Table
  • USB Drive
  • Electrical Cabinet Air Conditioner
  • Warning Lamp
  • CE Barriers

  • Auxiliary Bending Device
  • Auxiliary Bending Tools & Brackets
  • Auxiliary Holder Device
  • Auxiliary Holding Tools
  • Optional Manipulator Clamp
  • Loading/Unloading System
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

Durma Panel Bender – Technical Specifications