In our last blog, we looked at what a fibre laser cutter was and how they’re more efficient and superior compared to CO2 gas lasers. Well, today we’re going to be taking a look at two specific fibre lasers that we’re proud to be housing – Durma’s HD-F and HD-FS Fibre Laser cutters. Branded as The Winning Force, these two fibre laser cutting machines are highly advanced and completely reliable – let’s take a closer look at these two machines.

The basics

As we now know, a fibre laser utilises an optical fibre that has been doped with rare-earth elements to strengthen the laser beam – making it very powerful and efficient whilst still using a cheap diode to fuel it. So, we already know that these two machines are cost-effective and efficient as well as having low operating costs and energy consumption rates.

The Durma HD-F/HD-FS offers precise cuts on both thick and thin materials with perfect results on several types of materials as well. Their high-quality and durable craftsmanship is recognised globally along with their premium components – resulting in a sturdy, well-crafted machine that will tackle a range of jobs for years to come.

There are also low investment and operating costs involved when purchasing one of these two machines as fibre lasers require little maintenance to begin with. Coupled with Durma’s high-grade workmanship and you’ll rarely have to worry about repairs or upkeep. If you’re one for aesthetics – then you won’t be disappointed with either of these machines as they feature the unmistakable white, blue and red finish of a premium Durma machine.

The difference between the HD-F and HD-FS

The two machines are virtually the same in almost every way and they even use the same components. The major difference between the two is that the HD-FS is a smaller design as it was designed to be a lot easier to load and unload without the need for a shuttle table. If floor space is an issue – then we recommend looking into the HD-FS model.

The rack and pinion motion system

Included in both the HD-F and HD-FS laser cutter models is the rack and pinion system which controls the motion of the axes. Outstanding precision and acceleration are achieved due to the low clearance, hardened helical racks. This system can reach speeds of up to 100 m/min. Additionally, precision is never lost in this system due to the lack of intermediate load transmitting elements between the motor and the pinion.

The ProCutter head

Durma is able to complement their innovative and robust laser cutters spectacularly with Precitec’s ProCutter 2.0 laser cutting head. The ProCutter is the answer to all your laser cutting solutions – offering precise cuts for all types of thicknesses. This diverse suite of capabilities makes the ProCutter 2.0 the perfect head for any laser cutter.

It’s lightweight and petite design boasts increased speeds whilst still maintaining high-precision and efficient productivity. With multiple optical configurations that are optimised for several various applications and an auto-adjusting zoom lens for the focus diameter – this laser cutting head is undoubtedly versatile and solidly built, making it the perfect match for both the HD-F and HD-FS.

Notable features

  • The Z-Axis is able to achieve high acceleration speeds without causing vibration due to the light yet strong construction of the bridge, allowing highly accurate cuts and geometry to be attained.
  • A lateral scrap conveyor is an optional feature that’ll automatically remove scrap pieces from the working area without disturbing the cutting process.
  • The multi-chamber high-efficiency suction system allows for an equal amount of suction to be made across the whole machine during operation.
  • Multiple integrated shuttle tables are integrated onto the HD-F unit to minimise handling time and maximise productivity. This allows you to easily load and unload sheets or finished parts while the machine is still operational. The HD-FS model is optimised to still be easy to load and unload without the need of a shuttle table.

CNC capabilities

Both the HD-F and HD-FS come with the Sinumerik 840D CNC controller – which is a highly reliable and efficient 32-bit microprocessor system that features an integrated PC. With a Durma operator interface and complete cutting database – which includes all standard cutting parameters for a variety of common materials and thickness ranges – you’ll be all set with this control panel that also has full CAM/CAD software compatibility.

In need of a laser cutter?

ACRA Machinery are premium suppliers of Durma products – including the HD-F and HD-FS Fibre Laser cutting machines. We also offer both new and used sheet metal machinery and offer on-site repair and maintenance for a variety of different machines.

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