In the world of metal fabrication, precision and efficiency are paramount. Whether you’re working with stainless steel, copper, or aluminium, the tools at your disposal must be up to the task. One tool that has risen to prominence for its precision and efficiency is the industrial laser cutter. Laser cutter machines offer significant advantages in the industrial sheet metal fabrication industry.

The Advantages of Laser Cutting

Laser cutters have earned their reputation as the leading technology in cutting systems for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, they are highly regarded for their energy efficiency, consuming less power, and requiring less maintenance compared to alternative cutting methods, resulting in a cost-effective choice. Their high-speed cutting capabilities contribute to exceptional productivity, enabling more work to be completed in less time. Particularly noteworthy is their ability to deliver optimal cutting results, especially when working with reflective metals like brass, copper, aluminium, or stainless steel, unmatched in precision.

Laser cutting also minimises the chance of material warping, preserving the integrity of your workpieces. It is a clean process that significantly reduces contamination and the need for extensive clean-up.

How does an Industrial Laser Cutter work?

Industrial laser cutters work by focusing high-intensity laser beams, often CO2 or fibre lasers, onto materials. The laser source emits a concentrated beam, which passes through focusing optics to ensure precision. A computer numerical control (CNC) system directs the laser’s path based on a loaded design or pattern. The laser rapidly heats, vaporises, or melts the material at the point of contact, resulting in clean and precise cuts. Assist gases, like nitrogen or oxygen, can be used to aid the cutting process, and an exhaust system removes by-products. Cooling systems dissipate the heat generated during operation, while operators monitor and adjust for quality control. The finished product boasts smooth edges with minimal post-processing. Industrial laser cutters find applications in diverse industries, delivering speed, precision, and versatility in manufacturing and design.

Let’s look at some of the commercially available industrial laser cutters available on the market currently:


Glorystar Laser Group, with over 20 years in the industry, is a global leader in laser equipment manufacturing, specialising in metal laser cutting and welding solutions. Their GS-CE Fibre Laser is a versatile metal cutting solution, known for precision, speed, and reliability. Additionally, Glorystar offers the GS-HG Tube Cutting Fibre Laser, designed for precise and efficient tube and profile cutting.

Durma HD-F Fibre Laser

The Durma HD-F Series IPG Fibre Lasers are renowned for their exceptional cutting speed, precision, and energy efficiency. They feature a rigid body structure ensuring stability and accuracy, a compact design maximising space and efficiency, and different motion system options for high precision. The convenient shuttle table and pallet change system facilitate effortless material loading and unloading, keeping production running smoothly. These fibre lasers are available in various power ranges from 0.5kW to 10kW, catering to a wide range of applications. For those with limited floor space, the Durma HD-FS Series IPG Fibre Lasers offer a compact design with the same precision and efficiency, making them suitable for tight spaces.

Why use an industrial laser cutter?

Industrial laser cutters are the epitome of precision and efficiency in the metal fabrication industry. Whether you’re in need of high-speed cutting, precision cuts, or a clean and efficient process, laser cutters have you covered.

From Durmazlar’s state-of-the-art fibre laser cutters to Glorystar’s versatile options, there’s a laser cutter for every application. The right choice depends on your specific needs, and with guidance from ACRA Machinery’s experienced team, you can make a well-informed decision.

Do You Need Sheet Metal Machinery or a Laser Cutter?

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