The press brake continues to be the most reliable and economic machine to precisely bend sheet metal. Deciding on what type of press brake you need depends on what you need it for. In this blog we are going to help you choose between a mechanical, hydraulic and electric press brake by going through the basic differences



The mechanical model is the oldest type of press brake on the market. There are no special applications and the setup is simple. It is great for simple jobs that don’t require anything too elaborate.

If the job is a little more complicated or requires precision, setting up a different bend angle takes a lot of fiddling and can take up a lot of time. If you need elaborate work done then you are better off with another option.


The hydraulic press brake is more common on the market with the high level of control you get. It has quick retraction, multiple speeds and more versatility. This press brake is great for more complex jobs that require accuracy, and it is a little safer to use.

If the job requires a fast speed of production, keep in mind that the Hydraulic press brake can be a little slower than the other kinds.


The electric press brake is relatively new on the market and is the latest evolution of press brakes. For this reason it is a little pricier, but it more than makes up for it. For starters you will save on maintenance, as the electric press brake is a little sturdier. They allow multiple setups that will save you some time. Because of its accuracy you won’t waste as many materials. Generally they take less to run, they are fast and ideal for lots of repetitive jobs.

This machine is perfect if your workspace is small and of you’re looking for something quiet. If the job requires precision and intricate bends, the electric press brake is designed for precision-ground tooling.


At ACRA Machinery we have a range of new and used press brakes from mechanical, hydraulic, electric to hybrid press brakes. We are also happy to talk you through the different press brakes and help you find the best one for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 03 9794 6675.