New and Used Bandsaws Designed to Last

Bandsaws are an essential piece of machinery in the sheet metal manufacturing industry ¬– they deliver clean, accurate cuts and are reliable, cost effective and low maintenance. ACRA stocks a range of quality new and used bandsaws suited to a variety of metal cutting purposes. These heavy-duty machines are economical to run, require minimal training, and, when properly maintained, will last a lifetime.
Bandsaws are highly reliable machines – they are hardwearing, user-friendly, and their exceptional cutting precision makes them perfect for large-scale sheet metal fabrication plants. Bandsaws are an affordable alternative to more technical cutting tools like laser cutters and plasma cutters, both in terms of outright purchase price and running costs. ACRA stock only the highest quality bandsaws, designed for efficient, consistent sheet metal fabrication.


Boost Productivity with the Karmetal Bandsaw Range

Karmetal was established in 1975 and is now the leading manufacturer of Turkish bandsaw machinery. Karmetal’s bandsaws are equipped with state-of-the-art features, designed to diversify and improve cutting capabilities, boost overall productivity, and most importantly, improve worker safety. With automatic and semi-automatic horizontal bandsaws available, Karmetal machines are designed to facilitate a variety of production purposes and guarantee optimum performance.

In partnership with Karmetal, ACRA aims to provide the sheet metal industry with quality products at competitive prices. We only stock machines built to the highest possible standards by reputable manufacturers and our ongoing service and support means you can expect your bandsaw to perform well into the future.

If you need any assistance or advice on choosing the right bandsaw for your specific fabrication needs, our knowledgeable team are more than happy to help. Simply email us at with any questions you may have or call us on 03 9794 6675 to discuss which machine is best suited to your production requirements.