While we’ve covered the ‘Top 3 Plasma Cutting Mistakes‘, we can’t forget about the laser cutting process. In terms of health and safety – as well as maintaining the integrity of your machine – there are a few things to keep in mind when operating a laser cutter. 


Mistake #1: Marking too lightly

Though it doesn’t matter what colour you mark lines with, red is the most conventional colour because it is highly visible. The machine typically cannot detect light colours. So, if you aren’t using red, try to use a colour that stands out clearly. 


Mistake #2: Not scaling the workpiece

Before starting the project, you should make sure your drawing is scaled to fit the laser bed. This will ensure a process that is as smooth as possible. How you scale the drawing will depend on the machine’s software.  


Mistake #3: Not keeping the machinery clean

There are many areas of a laser cutter that you need to keep clean to maintain the mere performance of the machine (such as support slats and pallet ways). However, unclean processing areas can actually present a thermite hazard.  

Thermite is a mixture of a metal oxide and aluminium. Typically, it occurs in fabricating environments with mild steel. When thermite is ignited, it can produce dangerously high temperatures that can melt through metal containers and set the contents alight.  

To avoid thermite hazards, try to keep these areas free of dust, dirt, debris and grease: 

  • Scrap drawers 
  • Ducting 
  • Dust collectors 


Mistake #4: Loitering around

While laser cutting is in process, having others in the room who are simply loitering can present a health hazard – especially if there are food and drinks involved. 

On the other hand, the laser cutting job should not be left unattended. Even though the process is automatic, hardware malfunctions are entirely possible. For everyone’s safety, the job must always be supervised.  


Mistake #5: Removing the workpiece too quickly

Removing the workpiece too hastily can cause damage to your laser cutting machine. This is because the workpiece may knock and damage the head, or shift its alignment. Either way, your project will be affected.  


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