The bandsaw is one of the most versatile power tools available. Bandsaws (also referred to as band saws) are used for cutting many different types of materials including wood, metal, tile and plastic. This powerful machine represents one of the easiest and fastest ways to cut metal. Metal bandsaws can be either vertical or horizontal, with the description of the bandsaw type referring to the direction in which the blade rotates and the axis on which the material is being cut.
Both types of band saws come in very handy for metal cutting projects. Bandsaws can cut all kinds of metal and can carry out both straight cuts and irregular ones.


Durma HB-S 280, 330 Semi Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw
Durma HB-S 280, 330 Semi Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw


Horizontal vs Vertical Bandsaws

The horizontal metal band saw holds your work piece stationary while the blade swings down through the cut and is normally used to cut stock down to more manageable sizes. The vertical metal bandsaw has a blade which rotates continuously permitting a smooth, flexible cutting action and remains in an upright position while it moves and your material is guided through it. This type of bandsaw is generally used for jobs involving more complex shapes and angles such a polishing, filing, and contour cutting.
Vertical bandsaws tend to be found in smaller workshops whereas industrial workshops which generally be engaged in metal cutting projects demanding horizontal bandsaws. Horizontal bandsaws are commonly used for cutting metal tubes, bar stock and structural materials.

Durma Bandsaws

Acra stocks a vast range of Durma horizontal bandsaws including automatic double column bandsaws, semi-automatic horizontal bandsaws, double column semi-automatic bandsaws, double column semi-automatic single mitre bandsaws, double column semi-automatic double metre bandsaws, automatic horizontal bandsaws, and automatic double column mitre bandsaws.

Why buy a Durma Bandsaw from Acra

Durma horizontal bandsaws possess strong bodies and precise machining. Their high motor powers chosen enable fast cutting. They also promise longer tape life, low sound level as well as hydraulics and electronics system from world-class producers.
You can choose from a selection of horizontal bandsaw sizes and configurations, so we have the right machine for your next metal-cutting job. We can also help you with sourcing parts for your bandsaw and advise you on exactly which machine is best suited to your needs.

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