A long length slitter folder essentially bends sheet metal. This is its basic function. The size of sheet metal that can be bent as well as how fast it can bend it is entirely up to the machine. That’s why this week, we thought we’d take a look at the key benefits of one of the most exciting new product ranges to arrive at ACRA; the Jorns long length slitter folders. These slitter folders are available in both the single variety and the double. We’ll explain the difference between the two in this blog as well so don’t worry.

1. Jorns are veterans of the sheet metal processing and mechanical engineering industries.

Established in 1973, Jorns has a proven track record of success and today is an industry leader in the development, sale and manufacturing of bending machines like the long length slitter folder. The Swiss-based company only pumps out 120 long length slitter folders per year – 40 of which are double slitter folders. These machines are manufactured by a workforce of 70 specialists who stick closely to the company’s motto of “Power of flexibility”.

2. They are peerless in terms of continuous output

All Jorns machinery is manufactured using state of the art materials and technology including laser, welding robots, and CNC machining centres. This ensures high quality operation and a long lasting life-span. There are 5500 Jorns slitter folders in current operation around the world being utilised in various professions. 

3. State of the art safety features

Sheet metal machinery can be dangerous – and accidents do happen. That’s why Jorns’ safety features are seamlessly integrated into their machines and are designed to be easy to use. Every machine is fitted with a multi-beam laser system which scans for potential hazards when closing, well before the hazard zone is actually reached. 

In addition to this, all machines feature a continuous emergency-off rail – as well as an emergency-off button on the control panel. The shear has its own latch that can be adjustable. The latch is positioned to be ahead of the shear so that if it hits a hand first then the shear itself will come to a halt and thus avoiding any accidents from occurring. 

4. Modular Design

The aspect that makes these machines so unique and unparalleled within the industry is their customisability. You’re able to configure things like the back stop system, shear type, control system and the hydraulic system of your Jorns long length slitter folder. You can also compensate for any deformations that may occur at the end of the profile you’re bending with a dynamic positioning module – which is an exclusive Jorns innovation. By inserting the various types of modules, you can truly make your bending machine your own.

5. Able to work with a wide range of thicknesses

Unlike many machines in the sheet metal manufacturing industry, the Jorns slitter folders are able to work with a wide range of thicknesses – from 1.25mm to 3mm in terms of steel sheets. The bending length can also be customised from 4000mm to 12200mm. 

The double slitter folder also operates with the same specifications as the single – however it can multitask. This means that several profiles can be bent at the same time – improving production time. With the implementation of servo-technology – minimal physical contact is required as the machine will automatically load and unload the sheet metal.

6. State of the art design

All Jorns bending machines are mounted on a frame, driven by a state-of-the-art hydraulic unit, and include all the levelling and fastening devices necessary to preserve quality. Key design features include proportionally controlled speeds, overload protection, bending cylinders with damping and pipe-break safety devices and top beam with load relief.

7. User friendly control system

Jorns bending machines are fitted out with user friendly controls on a mobile console and can be run with anything from a simple and straightforward 2-axis OP3100 control unit right through to a state of the art CP200 graphic control system – which offers a touchscreen and SSD memory. 

You can also choose from six different software options – two of which are designed in-house at Jorns – that can let you work the way you want to work. Depending on the software you choose, you can even use it on your mobile or tablet for a completely integrated experience with your bending machine.

Interested in a Jorns slitter folder?

Whether it’s the single or the double long length slitter folder – ACRA Machinery has you covered. Not only do we offer both of these intuitive and incredible Jorns products, but we also offer installation and repair services for them as well – administered by our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. We also offer a wide range of other sheet metal machinery products such as press brakes and bandsaws with both new and used options available for purchase. 

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