Maintaining a safe workplace is key for every business. However, when your work environment takes place in a warehouse or factory, there are additional precautions which need to be taken to ensure the safety of all your employees. In this week’s blog, we share five key rules for maintaining a safe warehouse. 

safety woman

1) Use Safety Equipment At All Times 

The first essential principle to ensuring a safe factory is to use safety equipment at all times. This includes appropriate eyewear and hard hats, as well as using forklifts or hydraulic dollies to lift heavy items. It is also crucial that all employees are aware of emergency exits and understand not to block the sprinklers in the roof at any time. 

2) Use Clear Labels for Dangerous Areas 

Clear and appropriate signage should be up at all times. A simple way to highlight hazardous zones is to paint or tape black and white stripes on the floor of the area.  

3) Remove Any Potential Hazards  

Make sure all floors are free of any ‘slip and trip’ hazards which can cause great harm. This is something that should be regularly checked by employees too. Any cracks and pits in the flooring need to be dealt with to avoid serious injuries.  

4) Follow Safe Lifting Techniques 

When working in a factory or warehouse, it is likely that lifting heavy equipment or machinery will take place. To do this in a safe and easy manner, make sure to follow the relevant lifting technique for the size, weight and shape of that object. Remember that the loud should never obstruct the view of the lifter. 

5) Educate Your Employees 

Unless your employees are made aware of all this information, it is somewhat useless. So make sure to provide your staff with training and refresher courses on up-to-date knowledge about safe practices within the workplace. It is also important to promote awareness in your workplace about the significance of safety. By creating a work culture which priorities safety, you are more likely to avoid unwanted accidents and incidents. 

At Acra Machinery, we take safety seriously. In our warehouses, we produce a range of machinery, including press brakeslaser cutters, plasma cutters and more. For more information, please do not hesitate to give us a ring on 03 9794 6675.