In any workplace, safety should be a top priority. When your team is safe, they’re much more likely to be productive, as well as satisfied working for your company. Metal fabrication tools present their own set of challenges to safety. In this week’s article, we’ve put together a checklist to keep you and your team safe around these tools.


Comprehensive training

First and foremost, ensure any new member of the team receives comprehensive training regarding use of the metal fabrication tools. This training session should include details on the equipment, working conditions and potential occupational hazards. On top of this, ensure your team understands the correct safety protocols to be followed in the case of an accident.

Tool inspection

Before any project begins, the tools must be inspected to ensure they are free of malfunctions and are in a good working condition. If these tools aren’t up to scratch, your employees may find it difficult to work with them.

Protective gear

For the safety of your workers, ensure that any person handling metal fabrication tools is equipped with the correct safety gear. This includes hats, gloves, goggles, safety shoes and hard hats- this gear must be worn at all times. To safeguard against neck and back pain, your team should know the correct postures and procedures with which to work.

Tool safety features

Every large metal fabrication tool or other machinery have built in safety features such as guards. These are usually fitted by the manufacturer. In your workspace, it’s imperative that you understand these features and are able to use them as necessary.

The best way to deal with accidents is to prevent them before they happen. The tips we’ve provided in this article are a guideline to ensure your team remains safe when using metal fabrication tools.

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