When working in the sheet metal fabrication industry, exhaustive safety precautions must be taken to prevent against accidents, injuries and even fatalities. Sheet metal fabrication involves a lot of heavy machinery, as well as heavy lifting, so employees must be well-briefed on safety procedures and provided with the appropriate safety equipment. If you’re in the sheet metal industry, here are some important safety tips to consider.

sheet metal machinery

Stay alert

Because the sheet metal fabrication industry involves working with large, heavy machinery, it is imperative that sheet metal workers are alert, cautious of safety hazards, and concentrated on the job at hand. Anything that could accidentally get caught in the sheet metal machinery, for example jewellery or long, loose hair, should not be warn, and workers should be mindful of the changing properties of the workpiece (i.e. sheet metal can become extremely hot and sharp during the manufacturing process).

Protective clothing is a must

All sheet metal workers should be equipped with the appropriate protective gear, including gloves, goggles, hard hats, clothing that covers the arms and legs, and non-slip safety shoes. Protective clothing is extremely important, as debris and small shards of metal can enter the air during sheet metal fabrication with the potential to cause blindness. Metal machinery and metal workpieces heat up a lot during metal fabrication and bare skin should be protected at all times.

Safe lifting

Two of the most common injuries experienced by sheet metal workers are neck and back injuries, which usually occur as a result of improper lifting. Sheet metal workers should be trained in safe lifting techniques, learning to lift using the leg muscles, rather than the back, neck and arms. There are usually mechanical lifting machines in sheet metal fabrication factories, and these should be used wherever possible in place of manual lifting.

Regular inspections

Regular inspections of all sheet metal machinery (including grinders, punch and shears, press brakes etc.) should be undertaken to ensure the machinery is in good working order and meets safety requirements. Machinery and tools should also be regularly services to keep them in optimal condition. The entire factory should be subject to routine safety inspections, with continual training updates for all staff.

By taking these safety precautions, you can minimise the risk of accident and injury in your sheet metal fabrication plant, resulting in a more efficient work environment. ACRA sell a huge range of sheet metal machinery, all of which meets stringent safety standards. To find the right machinery for your needs, call us today on 03 9794 6675.