ACRA Machinery sell a variety of new, used, and custom press brakes from our Melbourne warehouse, with hydraulic, mechanical and electric models available. Our partnership with Durma (Durmazlar), the largest manufacturer of sheet metal machines in Europe, enables us to supply state of the art machinery to Melbourne’s sheet metal fabrication industry. Durma’s machinery is renowned for its accuracy, reliability, and affordable price range.  Take this stellar supplier reputation and combine it with ACRA’s 150 years of experience in the industry and impeccable customer service and you can rest assured you will find the right press brake for your metal fabrication project.

At ACRA we stock the following 4 different new Durma Press Brakes to suit the differing bending needs of our customers.

urma PBF Series Press Brake Acra Machinery

Durma PBF Series Press Brake

The Durma PBF Series Press Brake is an ideal machine for companies who do not require high stroke and/or multiple shift capacities. Low investment and maintenance costs, high productivity and the perfect performance/price ratio ensure you Durma’s PBF hydraulic press brakes can satisfy all your bending needs.

Each PBF Series Press Brake comes complete with:

  • a Manual Crowning System to simplify the bending process. There is no need for shimming as the crowning allows for perfectly straight bends across the length of the bed.
  • Rugged support arms with disappearing stops which are mounted to the front of the bottom table (comprising easily movable, fast & accurate feeding of parts).
  • Front Sheet Supports which enable finger-tip lateral adjustment as required by the bend length of the parts. Durma Press Brakes are designed in accordance with CE-Norms to prioritise your safety with appropriate height covers and laser light curtain.
  • Durma 10 Inch Touch Screen Control Unit with it’s easy to use, operator-friendly interface which makes it easy to keep everything under control.

PBF Series Press Brakes from Acra Machinery also come with a complete set of standard European top and bottom tooling from Euram. Backed by our 2-year warranty, the Acra Machinery Service Team operate nation-wide, looking after all your installation, commissioning & training needs for PBF Series Press Brakes.

ADS Durma Press brakes

Durma AD-S Series Press Brake

The AD-S Press brake is available in up to eleven axis configurations and is a machine which has been designed to effectively decrease setup time.

The powerful yet simple control automatically calculates:

  • the bend sequence
  • the bend angle
  • the back gauge retraction
  • the bend allowance

It also features collision protection. The automatic calibration and + – 0,01 mm positioning accuracy make the AD-S an ideal companion for the production of all precision components, big and small.

DURMA AD-S Series Press Brakes are extremely accurate, reliable and reasonably priced machines. They offer the end user high flexibility, productivity and performance.

Durma AD-R Press Brakes

Durma AD-R Series Press Brake

The Durma AD-R Series Press Brake provides true innovation in press brake design.
We believe the AD-R Series represents the best performance/price ratio CNC press brake in the world, boasting the optimum combination of performance, value and simplicity. AD-R series press brakes are designed to faciliate cost-effective manufacturing and feature easy-to-use beginner level CNC programming with Durma’s renowned robust construction to permit perfect bending results with easy angle input and operation. The AD-R Series comes standard with:

  • 3 axis (Y1, Y2, and X with manually adjustable R)
  • large stroke and throat depths
  • Durma’s own 10″ 2D Colour touchscreen controller.

Durma AD Servo press brakes

Durmo AD Servo Press Brake

With the constant raising of electricity prices and ever increasing manufacturing costs now is the perfect time to look at investing in a Durma AD Servo Press brake.

Durma AD Servo press brakes offer:

  • up to 62% less power consumption compared to a conventional CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
  • greater speed and accuracy (up to 25% faster than a conventional CNC Press brake)
  • reduced noise levels
  • reduced maintenance costs

With ever increasing power and manufacturing costs, there has never been a better time to invest in a Durmo AD Servo Press Brake.
The use of Servo driven machines is on the rise around the globe and across all sectors of industry thanks to the competitive advantage this innovative machinery offers. Some manufacturers have even stopped producing hydraulic machines. Thanks to this increased demand and the recent trend of suppliers learning to build electric presses more cost-effectively, AD Servo Press Brakes are now significantly more affordable than

What makes Durma Press Brakes better?

  • Faster, more productive and more precise bendings
  • Rigid body structure
  • High sensitivity and repeatability
  • Low service costs
  • Hi-tech equipment
  • A brand you can truly rely on


Call Acra Machinery today on 03 9794 6675 to discuss your Durma Press brake options and discover how we can help you advance your production standards.