Sheet metal is a highly versatile material. We know that it is used heavily in the construction industry, automotive industry and even aeronautical industry. Sheet metal machinery can be battered, bent, folded and cut (just to name a few) in several different ways to fit the application. However, sheet metal is also a very broad term.

The term could refer to several different gauges (sizes) or even materials. Different types of sheet metal materials are suitable for different applications. In today’s blog, we’re going to be having a look at some of those less-mentioned applications and how sheet metal is utilised in those industries.

1.    Jewellery

Whilst we know a great deal about steel and iron sheet metal, we don’t often talk about precious metals that come in sheet form. Gold and silver metal sheets do exist, they’re just used in a different industry – predominantly, the jewellery fabricating industry. Precious sheet metal is generally much smaller in size as jewellery is produced on a much smaller physical scale in comparison to more mass-produced sheet metal applications.

Jewellery is also produced using other forms of precious metal such as granules and wire – not just sheet metal. The need to use different forms of metal depends on the type of jewellery that is being crafted. The sheet metal machinery that is used for fabricating jewellery is also different and much more refined in both size and delicacy as more precise care must be taken with jewellery.

2.    Armour

I know what you’re thinking – doesn’t that sound a little medieval? Well, technically yes, but people still use medieval armour in today’s society. This is done most-commonly through LARPING. A live-action role-playing game is where people essentially dress up as fantasy or medieval characters and battle against each other. Communities and clubs organise skirmishes and campaigns and all sorts of people can participate and compete.

A big part of LARPING is dressing up – and some people invest a lot into it. This means full battle armour, which utilises pieces that have been made using sheet metal for authenticity. Some people even go as far as manufacture their own armour pieces if they have the resources to.

Another similar instance where personal armour is still used and manufactured from sheet metal is for historians and teachers, who put on educational performances and research medieval culture.

3.    Movie props

Nowadays, special effects have evolved to an incredible level. If you have enough funding, then you can create anything with technology, and it’ll look incredibly realistic. The thing is, even with technology being at the level it is today, more and more directors are opting for practical visual effects as they believe they look better overall. It’s also a lot more rewarding when you physically build something and watch it come to life in your film.

Sheet metal can be used for any sort of prop piece really. Whether it’s a structure, vehicle or a fictional object, there’s a chance that metal will be used in its creation – giving it a sense of realism. This could be a large-scale object or even a miniature model that is made to look mammoth in the film. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the magic of cinema.

4.    Art and decorations

Similarly to jewellery, sheet metal can be made into decorations for various purposes such as horse tack, chandeliers and lighting, art and photo frames and other similar residential items. Sheet metal can also be used to make sculptures and artwork. This works especially well for achieving rustic pieces – where iron sheets can be utilised to achieve a tarnished look.

Are you looking for sheet metal machinery in Melbourne?

Sheet metal can be used for many different applications – and as we’ve discovered today, not all of them are your stock standard construction and automotive industry applications. Steel and iron sheet metal can be used for hobbies, art and props whilst more precious sheet metals such as gold or silver can be used for jewellery and decorations. Different sheet metal machinery is even required for the finer applications such as jewellery.

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