In the sheet metal fabrication process, a turret punch press punches holes and shapes of different diameters quickly and efficiently. The machinery functions by pressing a punch into the metal material and pushing the excess metal into the die. The turret punch allows multiple tool sizes to be within one machine which can have a myriad of applications and advantages for your sheet metal manufacturing process. Here, the experts at ACRA Machinery have outlined some of the benefits of using a turret punch press so you can determine if it’s the right choice for your next sheet metal project.


1. Versatility

This soft tooling machinery has the capability of producing an infinite number of shapes and holes needed for your unique project. With interchangeable tool sizing and the ability to use multiple strokes quickly and efficiently, a turret punch can create circular holes, square holes, different shapes, perforations and forms. The variety of tooling configurations allows the machine to process complex parts with ease, and without having to stop the process to change parts due to the multiple tooling in one device.


2. Cost-effectiveness

Soft tooling is cheap to buy or replace as needed, which makes it the perfect choice for those one-off sheet metal projects or low to medium production runs. Turret punch machines also have high functioning speeds and extreme efficiency which causes less production time, less wasted materials and more money saved. Using the controller, the operator can quickly rotate the turret to select a different punching tool as needed, without needing to manually replace the tooling.

A turret punch also allows the assembly of larger projects to be tested with soft tooling. This allows businesses to avoid purchasing and constructing individualised stamping dies that could later need costly modification or redesign. This makes the turret punch machine a great choice for prototypes and projects with a more flexible design.

Turret punches and laser cutters have similar capabilities and versatility however, turret punch machines are perfect for cutting many repetitive shapes in a row and are often more efficient than laser cutters due to the faster stroke speed and higher number of hits per minute. Although they have a similar versatility to laser cutters, turret punch machines also include secondary operations like extruding, deburring, blanking, and tapping that a laser cutter cannot complete.

Punching also allows more of the galvanised coating to remain on the sheet metal’s edges which prevents rusting, although may not produce the same smooth quality that is preferred by some industries. This allows the turret punch to reduce production costs in comparison to laser cutting.


3. Technology advancements for increased safety

There are many recent innovations in turret punch technology that have made the use of the machine safer and components less time-consuming. This includes self-stripping punch tools and multifunctional combination tools that do not require the need to individually index the turret for each tool. The development of CNC programming has also increased the machine’s efficiency to achieve the maximum yield from the workpiece, reducing costs and wasted materials.

Our Durma Turret Punch features automated loading and unloading for increased efficiency and to reduce manual handling and the associated risks. The computer-aided design features allow it to be operated with supervision, further reducing the risk of punch, crush and squash points that can be exacerbated by repeated tool changing. With automated clamp positioning and tool lubrication, the CAD technology of the turret punch has reduced the number of steps in the operation process, leaving operators to simply follow the appropriate shear and punch machine safety procedures.


Interested in acquiring a turret punch press for your business?

ACRA Machinery stocks a variety of new and used turret punch presses for your workshop’s sheet metal fabrication needs. Our Durma Turret Punch offers faster punching speeds than mechanical presses with the added feature of automatic loading and unloading reducing manual labour time for your operators. With over 150 years of experience, our expert technicians are available for all your sheet metal machinery needs to help give your turret punch the best possible operational life.

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