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Mission Statement

The ACRA Mission Statement is a simple one:
To supply our customers with the best in machinery
To lead the industry in service, support and backup
To be profitable through following the best possible practises
To service our customers with the best equipment available to us, and to ensure that all business is performed in an open, honest and honourable manner


ACRA Machinery can meet all of your Sheet metal machinery repair, maintenance and servicing requirements. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the full range of services from regular maintenance and breakdown repairs to general reconditioning, and we specialise in the design and implementation of regular servicing schedules to ensure your machines stay in top condition for reliable performance.


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  • Anti Fatigue Mats - Acra Machinery’s new range of Anti fatigue matting is specifically designed to provide you with a cleaner, safer and healthier work environment. These industrial mats come in black with yellow safety edging, and have a checker plate style non-slip surface and ramp edging for added safety and trip prevention. The 14mm thick sponge base provides …
  • AusTech 2007 - Austech is now done and dusted for another year. Austech was a great sucess for Acra Machinery with enormous interest in the Jorns Twin-Matic. Marc and Kurt Jorns were over for a visit and so were Ali from Durma and Mehmet from Birlik. Although a long week, we all enjoyed the chance to catch up …

Press Brake

Acra is a proud supplier of Durma press brakes. The world’s largest manufacturer of press brakes, Durma technology is known for its precision and efficiency. We stock several different hydraulic press brake models from this leading brand and our clients can also take advantage of Durma’s custom press brake design services which manufactures a press brake to suit your unique specifications and requirements. We also offer a range of quality refurbished press brakes at fantastic price points.
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Invest in technology that lasts with a Karmetal or Durma bandsaw from our extensive range of models. The Karmetal brand is known for their progressive design and dynamic cutting technologies as well as their focus on productivity and worker safety. Our range includes both automatic and semi-automatic models which deliver clean, accurate cuts without the hefty price tag of job specific cutting machinery. Bandsaws are heavy duty, economic to operate, require minimal training and when properly maintained, will continue to perform for many years to come.
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Laser Cutter

Energy efficient, highly productive, low maintenance and capable of producing optimal cutting results, laser cutters are the gold standard for cutting technology. Acra stock high quality fibre laser cutters from leading brand Durma which have some of the fastest processing times of any cutting technology currently on the market. Durma products are known for being user friendly accurate, and incredibly efficient with a ‘no adjustment’ system that enables almost continual cutting.
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Plasma Cutter

A dynamic cutting solution capable of managing a wide range of metals and thicknesses, plasma cutting technology strikes the perfect balance between accuracy and strength. Plasma cutters are known for their high productivity, minimal operator training requirements, and economical price point. Acra is proud to partner with leading sheet metal machinery manufacturer Durma, whose plasma cutter models are lauded for their superior performance, speed, and user friendly operating systems.
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